The View From the Dock


From our Rosh Sirot (Boating), David Green:

Dear Parents;

We are closing up now.  This morning the lake shimmered in the mist as I took out my last morning boating group of the summer.  By the afternoon, most of the boats and docks you see here were gone to be stored for another winter.  It’s been a glorious summer here at Ramah New England; the days have been warm, the skies blue and the nights crisp and cool.   In boating this year we have played games, taught an unprecedented number of our campers how to sail and have worked to teach them about the life of the marvelous little agam that sits at the center of our camp.  We have examined the plants, insects and fish that keep the agam a clean and healthy place for your children swim and boat and wade and play.


Yesterday, as the light slanted and the blue of the sky took a deeper hue during the last hour of evening boating for the summer I reflected on how lucky we are to spend our summers here.  Surrounded by kind people and lovely nature.

When the Agam staff returns home this year they will be taking short drives back to the Boston Area and longer ones across the East Coast.  They will fly home to South America and Israel and California.  Each of them worked to make sure our campers were safe and had fun and learned as much as they could.

As we make our transitions back to the “real world” of traffic and cities and work and school we will think often of our beloved Agam and look forward to seeing it and our campers in 2016.

Have a great year we hope to see you all back again soon.