Tikvah Director Howard Blas Reports From Jewish Special Needs Funding Conference!

Our Tikvah Director, Howard Blas, recently attended the Ruderman Jewish Special Needs Funding Conference in New York City, and he shared his impressions at Davar Acher, a blog in which Jewish Educators share best practices.  Here's an excerpt:

I have never been to a conference where the conference packet was available in large print and Braille, where the keynote addresses were signed by a professional sign language interpreter, and where several of the speakers, including Jerry White and Richard Bernstein, were professionals and motivational speakers who just happened to be people with disabilities (White lost a leg in a Golan Heights mine explosion; Bernstein is blind from birth). Even some of the “who's who” of Jewish communal leadership—including Jerry Silverman, Barry Shrage, Devorah Zlochower and Mark Charendoff– spoke masterfully about their own connection to special needs.

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