Tikvah Israel Trip — Shabbat Update!

Tikvah Director Howard Blas reports in from our Tikvah Israel Trip!

Day 6 — Dec 28, 2013

Shavua Tov from Jerusalem!  We had a wonderful Shabbat, where we experienced a number of shuls, we saw lots of friends, we celebrated Matthew’s birthday, and we enjoyed our post-havdalah evening on Ben Yebuda Street.  Everyone came to the lobby on time for us to divide into three groups—Italian Synagogue, a Chasidic shul (in the Nahlaot neighborhood) and the Great Synagogue. We all had different experiences which we discussed over a yummy Shabbat dinner.  How nice to be joined by current voc ed advisor, Avram, and an old Tikvah staff friend, David Weiss, who moved to Israel a few months ago.  We sat in the lobby and “schmoozed” for quite some time last night.

This morning, all got to sleep and enter the dining room as they were ready.  After a relaxing breakfast, we all went to the Yeshurun Synagogue, where we were treaty very nicely.  Avi received a Torah Aliyah, and we all had a very nice Kiddush with the congregation.  On the way back to the hotel, we spent 45 minutes in a local park and playground then arrived right to the chadar ochel for Shabbat lunch.  Some took naps; others hung out and socialized in the lobby.  A few great walkers chose to go with Devora on a neighborhood walk to Meah Shearim.

At 5 pm, we celebrated Matthew’s birthday with… his favorite, vanilla ice cream. We then shared a special havdalah service with familiar camp tunes, then went to dinner.  We gave the group 45 minutes to get organized and pack—in anticipation of our departure tomorrow morning.  Then, off to Ben Yehuda Street.  Some had ice cream; others bought snacks or purchased kippot, tallis bags and necklaces.   We loved seeing the Glickman family and Liav, a long time rosh edah!

By now, all are fast asleep.  We meet for davening at 6:45 tomorrow so we can have breakfast, load the bus, visit Mt. Herzl, the head north.

Shavua tov to all,

Howard and Team