Tikvah Israel Trip Update — Sunday, December 29th!

The latest update from Tikvah Director Howard Blas:


We are now winding down at a beautiful guest house at kibbutz ashdot yaakov.   Our troopers got up at 6:15 and got all of their luggage to the lobby in time for 6:45 davening and :715 breakfast.  We managed to load the bus and take off two minutes before our scheduled 8:15 departure!  

Our first stop was the museum at Har Herzl, which is interactive and informative, teaching us all about the father of Zionism and the many World Zionist Congresses.  We then visited the grave-site of Herzl.  We were so happy to be greeted by Ramah Israel director, Meir Hoyzman and by our trip coordinator, Zimre Gold Yanay.

From there, we headed north to a kibbutz on the Jordan River and Jordanian border.  Our guide, Adam,was impressed with our knowledge of the history of Israel.   We enjoyed baking “surprise bread” in their bakery and even took the recipe–to bring back to voc-ed for the summer.

Our final stop was in the home of our dear camp friend, Rosh Agam (head of waterfront) Rotem Ad-Epsztein. Even though she and husband Uri had a second girl less than a month ago, they warmly welcomed us to their kibbutz home.  We enjoyed dinner, conversation and a tour of the goats!   As you can see, a great day! 

Tomorrow is Safed, a bird migration area and a chocolate workshop.