Tikvah Takes a Trip!


Yesterday Amitzim and Voc-Ed took a fantastic trip to a nearby horse farm in Palmer and then spent the afternoon in Old Sturbridge Village. At the horse farm we got to hang out with the horses, take a tour of the barn and go on an awesome hay ride all around the area. We saw cows, kittens, dogs and beautiful scenery. The chanichim had a great time! Here is a video of some of Amitzimers enjoying the hay ride by singing camp songs the whole ride:  

 After the horse ride we enjoyed a Tikvah- wide picnic on the farm and then headed to Old Sturbridge. While we were there we spent the afternoon walking around the town, looking at many exhibits, watched a blacksmith at work, a shoe maker fixing a pair of shoes, saw some animals and much more! Tikvah had a blast and got very lucky with the amazing weather. The sun was shining and everyone was in great spirits. Check out a few pictures from the day:  DSC02193 DSC02248 DSC02261

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