Tikvah’s Block Party!

This past Wednesday night, Tikvah got to experience a very
special Peulat Erev: A block party! Hosted by the residents of bunks 63 (Post
Voc Ed men), 64 (Voc Ed women), and 65 (Assistant Director Davey Rosen), the
party featured food, entertainment, and fun had by all.

Each bunk was decorated with a theme: 63 was “the jungle”,
64 was “under the sea,” and 65 was “superheros.” Tikvah members posed for
photos sticking their heads through holes in posters of a superhero, a mermaid,
and an elephant, and ate theme-appropriate snacks at each station. The
highlight of the party however, was the entertainment: at the beginning of the
party we were honored to hear Buddy, our friend on the maintenance staff, play
his accordion. Davey later joined in with guitar and they jammed for a while.
Then, Amitzim counselor Jared Pashko, an experienced deejay, led bar
mitzvah-style dancing and party games.

What a highlight of our summer! 

We are now getting ready for our last Shabbat in camp. We've been thinking a lot about the amazing summer we've had, and are looking forward to doing it again in 2011!

Shabbat Shalom, 


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