Today’s Shabbat recipe – CHOLENT!

Another Wednesday, this means its time to think about Shabbat again. In my house it is NOT Shabbat without Saturday lunch cholent. At camp, in the chadar (dining hall) cholent has become a stable at our Shabbat lunch as well.  Cholent is so easy – toss everything in the crockpot, but it on and away you go!  To the recipe below, I often throw in whatever veggies I have in my fridge that may go bad if not used fast!

Here you go – the easiest Shabbat lunch.

Put a roaster bag into a crock pot (the kind of bag you'd use to roast a chicken).  This is to cut down on cleaning and is not totally necessary. I put a bit of water on the bottom of the crock pot just to be sure nothing sticks!

Dice onions (x2) – enough to cover the bottom of the pot.
The next layer is a mixture of barley and beans (can be pinto beans, red beans…) – You don't need to presoak the beans. 

Then, put a layer of flanken or rib-eye steak (any type of meat). 

Next, a layer of peeled/quartered potatoes (just enough to cover the meat).
For 2-4 people, 4 potatoes – – 8-10 potatoes for a large group.

Kishka is next – put on top – either as a whole roll or sliced – depending on the amount of room left in your pot.

And now for the sauce! Take marinara sauce, ketchup, or tomato sauce.  Mix with an envelope of Goodman's onion soup mix and water.  Add any spices you want (pepper, garlic, salt) Fill up pot until sauce is half way up to the potatoes. Then put some hot sauce over it if you like a little kick.

Put crock pot on high before shabbat then turn down to low.
If using oven, cook at 350 and then turn down to 200 over Shabbat.

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