Tov Li B’ Machaneh Ramah

The day has come, it’s the end of Kayitz (summer) 2019 and it’s a bittersweet time. So sweet because it was another amazing Kayitz at Machaneh Ramah and at the same time hard to say goodbye to so many special friends. It’s interesting because in the Hebrew language there really is no word for goodbye. Shalom means, hello and peace. The word closest in Hebrew to goodbye is L’hitraot which means “see you later.” So L’hitraot to Kayitz 2019. It has been spectacular and magical and the best time ever. We’re ready for Kayitz 2020!


The Machaneh Ramah song is “Tov Li B’machaneh Ramah- How good it is to be in camp Ramah.” This version of the song is from kayitz 2009 where they combined the camp song with a bible raps mashup. It will keep you dancing till next summer- L’hitraot!


שיר רמה

בבוקר קם פרפר ועף מעבר לגדר

סימן שבא השמש, צהריים.

אתמול ירדו גשמים ולא הפסיקו לדקה,

הכל רטוב, הכל כבר השתנה…

(Oh Baby)

טוב לראות את השמש

טוב לי לחייך

טוב לי לשיר את השירה

טוב כשהשמיים כחול וקצת לבן

טוב לי במחנה רמה.

Ba-boker kam parpar ve-af me’ever legader,

Siman she-ba ha-shemesh, zohorayim.

Etmol yardu geshamim ve-lo hifsiku le-daka,

Hakol ratov, ha-kol kvar hishtana.

 (Oh baby,)

Tov lir’ot hashemesh, tov li lechayech,

Tov li lashir et ha-shira…

Tov ke’she’hashamayim kachol u-ketzat lavan,

Tov li be-Machaneh Ramah