Transitions (Part 3 — Visiting Day!)


Sunday wasn’t just the end of first session, but it was our Visiting Day!  It’s the mid-point in the summer of our full-session campers, as well as an opportunity for camp alumni to return to camp and old friends to reunite.  As has become a tradition for us, we kicked off the day with a short tekes (ceremony), highlighting some of the amazing camper performances from the first session, and introducing our parents to our awesome new facilities this summer — specifically our new Bet Am Gadol, our new gymnasium/fitness center/theatre.

Here is edat ha-Ilanot performing an amazing rikud (dance) that they learned for our Zimkudiyah, our annual song-and-dance festival:

Here is edat ha-Bogrim performing their “Jungle” dance from the Zim:

Scott Glickman, President of our Board of Directors, addresses the crowd (note that we’ve opened the “barn doors” on the Bet Am Gadol stage, giving the audience a magnificent view of our Machaneh Gimel field):

Some alumni gather:

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