Two Days into Magshimim 2014


What a great first two days we’ve had here in Magshimim 2014. It seems like weeks have already passed, but it was just yesterday that we unpacked into our tzrifim (bunks) along the side of the Migrash (field) on Tzad Bet (B-Side).

During last night’s pe’ulat erev (evening activity), we joined together in groups to address our first mystery of the kayitz (summer): What is the Magshimim play this year?

Well, after a round of excellent guesses, the secret was out: Frozen! And now we’re already through auditions and heading full speed ahead toward our performance.

Just hours ago, we gathered together as an edah for a trust-walk that culminated in a beautiful discussion of the Jewish values underlying Magshimim 2014 — Kehillah (Community), Emunah (Faith), Mishpachah (Family), Masoret (Tradition), and several others. We’ve got much more ahead, and we’re excited for each coming day!

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