Machane Ramah all aglow with first medurot

Tonight, each edah held their peulat erev (evening activity) around a medurah (camp fire).  It was a special evening of songs, stories and, of course, roasted marshmallows. Here are some of the highlights:

Kochavim learned Shir Ramah, sang Hebrew songs and played fun games.

Ilanot sang, danced and ate!  They learned a favorite camp dance “Lo Normali”, sang their edah song, and toasted/ate marshmallows.

Solelim learned songs for Shabbat, sang their edah song and ate yummy snacks.

Shoafim had a reverse talent show where the madrichim (counselors) gave the chanichim a talent that they needed to perform.

Amitzim sang songs and enjoyed their snacks.

Mashimim sang their edah song, learned the song the edah will sing for their machazemer (musical), and then sang favorite medurah songs accompanied by a guitar.

Bogrim sang their edah song and learned the song that the edah will sing for their machazemer as well.  Then chanichim from each tzrif spoke about what makes camp special. The theme for all of the chanichim was making new friends and reconnecting with old friends.

In Machon, a madrich told the chanichim a story about his etgar (adventure challenge) when he was a chanich in Machon. In between the story telling, the edah sang songs accompanied by another madrich on the guitar.  The video below is quite dark (it was taken at night) so close your eyes and enjoy the beautiful singing.

What a glorious evening!