Tzad Aleph has a blast at the Nivonim Carnival to end Machzor Sheni in style

On Thursday afternoon, Nivonim ran an amazing carnival for Tzad Aleph. Over 30 Carnival booths were set up around the upper migrash (field) on Tzad Aleph giving the chanichim (campers) a wide variety of activities from which to chose.

There were fortune tellers who read palms and fortune tellers who used fortune telling machines to look into the future.  Chanichim competed against each other to see who could put on the most shirts in minute, they lined up to get their face painted and to do reverse face painting (where they painted using their face).  There was also a “dunk tank on a budget”: if you hit the ball on the hand made bullseye poster, you could pour water on the nivonimer in the dunk tank hot seat.

In addition to being a great way to end the machzor (session) for Tzad Aleph, it was also a culmination of Nivonim’s leadership training. The nivonimers planned their booths, organized their materials, set up and broke down the carnival, and engaged the chanichim for over an hour with care, kindness and so much fun!