Tzad Aleph Rikud

Tzad Aleph (A-Side) had another fun and wild rikud (dance) session at aruchat tzaharayim (lunch) yesterday.  Included at this rikud session: we had the added benefit of having all the words to the songs projected in large, clear print on to the large screen in the Chadar Ochel (dining room) —  so that everyone could learn the words and participate.

Among the favorites: Hagalshan Sheli (my surfboard) and Tov Li beMachane Ramah (lyrics, below).  Micah Pickus, Shira Specialist, accompanied beautifully on guitar.

Lyrics, Tov Li BeMachaneh Ramah:

שיר רמה


בבוקר קם פרפר ועף מעבר לגדר

סימן שבא השמש, צהריים.

אתמול ירדו גשמים ולא הפסיקו לדקה,

הכל רטוב, הכל כבר השתנה…


(Oh Baby)

טוב לראות את השמש

טוב לי לחייך

טוב לי לשיר את השירה

טוב כשהשמיים כחול וקצת לבן

טוב לי במחנה רמה.



Ba-boker kam parpar ve-af me’ever legader,

Siman she-ba ha-shemesh, zohorayim.

Etmol yardu geshamim ve-lo hifsiku le-daka,

Hakol ratov, ha-kol kvar hishtana.


(Oh baby,)

Tov lir’ot hashemesh, tov li lechayech,

Tov li lashir et ha-shira…

Tov ke’she’hashamayim kachol u-ketzat lavan,

Tov li be-Machaneh Ramah.




At dawn, the butterfly awoke and began to fly away –

A sign the sun has finally risen and it is noontime.

Yesterday the rain did not cease even for a moment –

Everything is wet, but all has changed.


It is good to see the sun,

It is wonderful to smile,

I love being part of the rejoicing and the song,

It is good when the heavens are blue and white too,

I love it here at Machaneh Ramah.