Tzad Aleph starts with fun and games around the upper migrash

All of Kochavim, Ilanot, Solelim, and Shoafim gathered in the Beit Am Aleph at 12:45 to kick off kayitz 2017 in style with the “Hakarat HaTov Derby”.  All around the migrash (field) and on each tzrif mirpeset (bunk porch), stations were set up for the tzrif to have fun, bond, and play silly games.  Tzrifim traveled together to the different stations collecting points along the way. The stations focused on Hakarat HaTov, Machane Ramah, Meah Milim and Kef (fun).

Examples of the stations that focused on the Kayitz 2017 theme of Hakarat HaTov (gratitude): chanichim made Hakarat Hatov (gratitude) cards for tzevet mitbach (kitchen), tech, maintenance, or misrad; each tzrif (bunk) completed a blank hakarat hatov tree which included each member of the tzrif, and what each person is grateful for.

Examples of stations focused on learning more about Machane Ramah: chanichim were asked to pin the new chadar on the map of Camp Ramah, another tested the tzrif’s knowledge of their Roshim and a third had them coming up with songs that matched a word they chose to describe Camp Ramah. The most chosen words for that station were Kef (fun) and Magniv (awesome).

Examples of stations that focused on Meah milim:  each tzrif had 3 minutes to act out as many of the meah milim as possible; each tzrif had to count from 1-100 in Hebrew in one minute.

Finally, examples of the just for fun activities, included painting Israeli flags as a tzrif, competing against Assistant Director Josh Edelglass in Connect Four, and naming Rondeau’s Ice-Cream flavors.

What a great way to start the kayitz!