Tzad Aleph: Tefilla!

All of the Tzad Aleph chanichim (campers) who stayed for Intersession joined together in Tefilla this morning.  It was a wonderful ruach-filled kick-off for welcoming in Second Session!

Andy Weissfeld, Rosh Ilanot, gave a d’var Torah about two famous rabbis, Rabbi Gamliel and Rabbi Yehoshua.  They had many disputes during their years serving on the Sanhedrin.  After one of them, about whether or not the Maariv evening service is obligatory, Rabbi Gamliel put Rabbi Yehoshua into a sort of “time out” as punishment for publicly contradicting him.  As a result of the way in which he publicly humiliated Rabbi Yehoshua for disagreeing with him, Rabbi Gamliel was deposed from being the head of the Beit Din.   Andy stressed that what we learn from this is that even though we may have disagreements this summer, even strong disagreements, there is still a way to be respectful and civil with each other.   Rosh Edah Andy, below.