Tzad Bet (B-Side) Alternative Tefilot

One of the most special and creative tefilla experiences here at our machaneh (camp) is the opportunity to attend an alternative daily minyan on Tzad Bet (B-Side).  Our Tzevet (staff) members are invited and encouraged to lead a minyan according to their special expertise, interest and focus.  And the chanichim (campers) are free to choose which to attend, affording them a special new way to approach, participate in, and engage with our age-old liturgy.

Dalia- said, “it was inspiring because I felt more connected to Judaism in an alternate way.”

Oren said, “I was in rap tefillot and I was able to connect an ancient religion to a modern art form.”

Etai said, “Gabe really showed me how athletes and religion can be connected.”

Alex said, “my tefillot really helped me realize that the way I think about my religion helps me in every facet of my life.”

Nathan said, “it changes up the regular routine in a creative way.”

Here is the list of of the alternative Tefillot the chanichim were able to choose from~


* This blog contains text written by Machzor Rishon (first session) blogger Miriam Benson

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