Tzad Bet celebrates the final night of machzor rishon with kind words and inspiration to bring home

The last night of Machzor Rishon (first session) started with a taste of something sweet (ice-cream sundaes) and finished with kind words from the Edah as a whole and then special, quiet reflection on the past month in each individual tzrif. After ice-cream, served in the old chadar ochel, Magshimim, Bogrim and Machon gathered as an Edah one last time this machzor to share kind words with the chanichim (campers)  and for them to share kind words with each other.

Bogrim passed around paper to each chanich and asked them to write nice things to others in the Edah.  Machon had a faux graduation ceremony with diplomas, a validcitorian,  and a graduation speech by Rosh Sport Adam Offit.  The valedictorian, Mark, stated that he was very proud of how the Edah really bonded together as a unit this kayitz.  The chanichim then wrote notes to each other on the backs of the certificates.

In Magshimim, Rosh Maddie told her chanichim how much the tzevet (staff) and she loved them and how important they are to camp, and camp is to them.  Each Edah finished their peulah (activity) by singing “Rod Hayom” before going back to tzrifim (bunks) or, as was the case for Machon banot (girls), Moadon Amitzim to finish up quiet bonding activities before lights out.

Here is Magshimim’s rendition: