Tzad Bet davens together to set the tone for the 17th of Tamuz fast

This morning,  all of Tzad Bet davened shacharit together in the Beit Am Gadol to set the tone for a day of contemplation and for some tzevet (staff) and chanichim (campers), fasting. Dore, a chanich in Machon, lead shacharit beautifully and Noam, Aaron and David, from Bogrim, read Torah.  Rabbi Eliot Goldberg, Co-Rosh Hinuch, explained to Tzad Bet in his Dvar Torah that today is the beginning of the season of Tshuva.  Tshuva is both the opportunity for personal introspection as well as the opportunity to take a critical look at the world.  We need to think about what can be done to protect the most vulnerable in society and to help eradicate injustice.  Rabbi Goldberg charged the chanichim to think about “what you can do to make society a better place and to strengthen the bonds with Jews around the world.”

After tefilot, the non-fasters went to aruchat boker (breakfast) and the fasters went to the Beit Knesset to play games, read and hang out together.  Mincha will take place during aruchat tzhorim and after Ma’ariv break-fast will be served in the chadar ochel.  While regular programming is taking place, chanichim will have the opportunity to reflect on the somber themes of the day during hinuch and other perakim.