Tzad Bet Fireworks!

What a great new tradition!

The Fourth culminated in an event that remained a tightly held secret until the moment it began — the entire mahane (camp) had the massive, special, first-time ever treat of beautiful, sparkling, glittering, colorful fireworks that illuminated the entire Agam (lake).  Alie, in our Voc Ed program, says that the fireworks were “a great and happy surprise! They were colorful and beautiful over the lake.  I’ve been here 5 years and this was the first time ever that we had fireworks! They were just as good as at Disneyworld”.  The camaraderie and friendship on the Tzad Bet Agam (Side B of the Lake) were palpable in the smiles, excitement, and celebration.  For some mysterious reason, the song that was sung robustly by the Nivonim chanichim (campers) was none other than…Echad Mi Yodea.  Yes, from the Passover Haggada.  Yes, all 13 verses.  In retrospect, it was the perfect song for a perfect ending to a great Fourth.