Tzad Bet Reunion In Palmer was Awesome!

March 16-18, over 130 chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff) members gathered in Palmer for our annual Tzad Bet Reunion. Unlike the kayitz (summer), camp was cold and covered in snow from the recent Nor’easters in Western Massachusetts. But a little snow didn’t stop the fun and excitement! Chanichim played outside all weekend long and even took pre-Shabbat photos in the snow. Who knew camp would be so fun in freezing temperatures and in the snow?

Our Shabbat together was filled with the ruach (spirit) and energy that characterize the Ramah experience. Our communal singing during Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv filled the Beit Am Bet and later the Chadar Ochel after Shabbat dinner. Our tradition of Shabbat singing continued both Friday and Saturday nights as chanichim sang arm-in-arm next to one another. At the end of Shabbat, we came together as a kehillah (community) for Havdalah. As we slowly said goodbye to Shabbat and sang together the line hamavdil bein kodesh l’khol,we were reminded of how magical the Shabbat experience is at Camp Ramah.

While Shabbat came to an end, the fun of Reunion sure didn’t. Just like every Saturday night on tzad bet during the kayitz (summer), we went immediately from Havdalah to Mandatory Fun Time (MFT) – our motzei Shabbat Israeli dance session. Chanichim and tzevet danced until their hearts’ content to rikud favorites like Lo Normali and Turkish Kiss. Then, after an inter-edah peulat erev competition, we ended the night eating a special treat – Oreo churros.

As Sunday rolled around and we said our goodbyes, we began to look forward to the next time we would gather as a community. While many of us wait ten months for the two months of Camp, Reunion over the years has been a great way to fill our neshamah (Jewish soul) with Ramah during the winter.

We look forward to welcoming back our chanichim to the Ramah kehillah in Palmer on June 26th for another amazing kayitz together at Camp Ramah!

L’hitraot b’Palmer!

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