Tzevet Agam Look Back at Kayitz 2010!


What a great summer we had this year at the agam (waterfront)!


There are so many wonderful moments that we'd like to remember from the summer.  We're so proud of the ten Nivonim campers who became American Red Cross certified as lifeguards.  We loved having so many Tzad Bet campers on the agam this summer– Magshimim, Bogrim, and Machon campers had the opportunity every day to swim the lake, hang out in the water, and to play water-polo.  Every day during bechirot (the free choice perek), campers came to the agam to jump on the trampoline, to climb the iceberg, and to have fun in the water.  And of course, every day, campers from all the edot were challenged to learn new skills on the agam — learning how to dive, how to jump in, how to swim different strokes, and to love the water.  Campers pushed themselves to advance to higher swim levels, and to swim half the lake, and eventually to complete an entire lake swim.


See you all next summer!  Keep on swimming!

Rotem Ad — Rosh Agam

Leah Collier — S'gan Rosh Agam

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