Tzevet Shira Looks Back at Kayitz 2010!


This past kayitz (summer) has been overflowing with ruach at Machane Ramah! From the spirited shira sessions in the chadar ochel (dining hall) to the weely midurot (campfires) and daily chuggim (world music, drum circles, and camp band workshops) to the Machon and Nivonim plays . . . it has been a rocking kayitz for shira at Ramah Palmer! During the last week of camp, Tzad Aleph brought in the new month of Elul on a high note with a special musical Rosh Chodesh service. Also, the Tzad Aleph chuggim put on a fun concert. The chanichim in the Ilanot camp band ("The Palmer Jews") composed and performed “The Camp Ramah Blues”, Solelim and Shoafim kids covered two of Machane Ramah's biggest hits (“Salaam” and “Adama”). On Tzad Bet, the Machon camp band accompanied the very successful Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, and in addition to writing their first original song about the K'far Nivonim, the Nivonim band rocked the house in the final play of the summer, Glee.

It has been such a pleasure for tzevet shira to sing and make music with the chanichim (campers) at Machene Ramah Palmer this past summer. It is difficult for us to say goodbye, but we look forward to seeing you all next summer . . . l'shana haba b'machane Ramah!

Keep the ruach alive!

Elie, Gastón, Gavri, and Sally

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