Tzevet (staff) appreciation: a great party to celebrate an amazing tzevet!

On Wednesday night, the entire tzevet (minus the generous adults who agreed to serve on shmira for Tzad Aleph, Bet and the kfar) gathered in the chadar ochel for a “Bnai Mitzvah” style celebration to thank them for all of  their extraordinary hard work, effort and energy.  Delicious grilled meat and vegetables were served buffet style by the Hanhallah to the tzevet members.

As with any good, American bar/bat mitzvah, we had a special candle lighting ceremony with Rabbi Gelb as the MC. Each Rosh Edah wrote a poem about their tzevet and invited them to light a candle.  Each Edah dressed in costume for the occasion. For example: Shoafim dressed as fidget spinners, Bogrim dressed as ConnectFour, Ilanot dressed as the rainbow and Nivonim wore the traditional last Shabbat white.

After the candlelighting ceremony, everyone danced to the traditional line-dance music for bnai mitzvahs, like Cotten-Eyed Joe.

It was a very fun night. Most importantly, we were able to say to the tzevet a public and official Todah Rabah for the extraordinary work they have done this past machzor!  Machane Ramah is amazing because of our tzevet and it is an honor to be a part of the team.