Tzevet (staff) season training for Solelim – Kayitz 2010!!!

            This is Tova reporting for Solelim 2010, I'm the new Rosh Edah (unit head) for the 11/12 year old group entering 6th grade here at Machaneh (camp) Ramah. We have begun our staff training and we're all so excited to be here!

            The staff arrived on Wednesday where we began with Edah meetings, then did some icebreakers and some team-building excersies, and finally proceeded to do a joint peulat erev (night activity) with the entire staff.

            It looks like we have a really strong staff this year and we're training them hard! They are learning how to communicate, cooperate, and work as a team to provide safety, a Jewish way of life, Hebrew, and a fun time to all the campers!

           We also have a great staff of Israelis who will not only be joining us for the summer, but incorporated fully into our camp. They will teach us how to speak Hebrew and all about the cool cultural customs of Israeli society.

Looking forward to a great summer!!!

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