Tzrif by Tzrif in Ilanot! (bunk by bunk)

Each tzrif (bunk) in Ilanot has been up to some amazing programming! They have planned bonding activities all around camp! Here is a quick glance at what we've been up to this week!

Tzrif 10: In tzrif 10, we're having a great summer! Early this week we spent an evening on the swing at the Ropes course! It was a great team-building experience! Yesterday we walked to Rondeau's and enjoyed some delicious ice cream. All of the chanichim have been working hard to do mitzvot and earn "fishies" (a bunk incentive)- we've almost filled our fishbowl already!


Tzrif 11/12: We've been bonding well all summer and now we have a strong community within the bunk. We started a new nikayon (cleaning project) and the girls love helping each other find stars hidden in the bunk every morning. From reading together before bedtime to eating our canteen snacks on the porch, we enjoy spending time together and growing closer as friends!


Tzrif 13: In tzrif 13, we recently planned a spa night to treat the girls after an incredible day of nikayon. We made avocado and honey face masks and had each chanicha paint their nails. This was in honor of our bunk competing in a camp-wide nikayon challenge to make nikayon fun! The madrichim put togethera nikayon jeopardy game to get their kids to work together to win various prizes. As it turns out our bunk won the camp challenge and each chanicha recieved an authentic Ramah printed drawstring backpack for a job well done!


Tzrif 15: Things are going really well in our tzrif! Just last night we built a fort in the middle of the bunk out of bed sheets and slept in it! Before bed every night, we continue to read "Because of Mr. Terrupt." We have also been having frequent basketball and frisbee games together. Tonight is our movie night! We are having such a great time together!


Tzrif 17: Just a few nights ago, we had our very own medurah (campfire). We sang songs and watched a performance by a counselor who sang and played guitar. We have been working really hard to become true mensches! Every night the "Hamagen Hamagniv (the shield of awesome) is handed out to the chanich who best displays the qualities of a mensch. Later this week we will be decorating our own kipot and then baking challah with a bunk from Amitzim!


Tzrif 19: The other day, we played a big frisbee game against tzrif 21! We had so much fun! Just last week we tie-dyed t-shirts that look awesome! We're in the process of planning a "sneak out" where we'll watch a movie and sleep in the bet midrash! Our bunk has really bonded. We are all really close now and love spending time together!


Tzrif 21: In tzrif 21, we are planning a "sneak out" to the tree house! We will be journeying from tzad aleph across to tzad bet and then through the camp trails to the tree house! There, we will be stargazing and sharing stories with each other and bonding as a tzrif!

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