Unveiling our new Nivonim Leadership Training Program!

Camp Ramah in New England is excited to unveil our newly redeveloped Nivonim Leadership Training

In so many respects, the Nivonim experience is the culmination of one’s journey as a camper through the edot here at Machaneh Ramah.  But it is also the beginning of a new journey: that of one day coming back to camp as a member of our summer tzevet (staff).

To that end, this summer we are pleased to offer our Nivonimers nine different leadership tracks.  Nivonimers will be able to sign up for one of the following tracks: Shira (singing/music), Rikud (dance), Teva (nature/outdoors), Sports, Theatre, Lifeguard Training, Camp Programming, Bunk Counseling, Amitzim Bunk Counseling.  Each track will be spearheaded by one member of our Nivonim staff (or another senior staff member from around camp), and each track offfers exciting opportunities for the development of high-level skills and leadership experience in that particular area of specialization.  Each track will offer opportunities for participants to spent time working with campers in younger edot over the course of the summer.  Each track will help start our Nivonimers on the journey of transition from being a receiver of the Ramah experience to being a transmitter of that experience.

We will be launching this Leadership Training Program with an intensive two-day workshop on June 27-28.  We have invited a number of extraordinarily talented specialists to join us at camp for those two days to work with the participants in each of our leadership tracks.  This workshop represents an exciting opportunity for our Nivonimers to get to know and learn from a variety of professionals working in their fields. 

Our visiting specialists include former Rosh Edah Ami Yares & his band The Shuk (to work with our shira track), former Rosh Edah Rachel Arcus (to work with our rikud track), former Roshei Edot David & Emily Kieval (to work with the Amitzim Bunk Counseling track), former Rosh Machnaut (head of camping) and Jewish Environmental and Nature Fellow Rabbi Seth Adelson (to work with our teva track), Andrew Robertson from the Center for Sports Psychology (to work with our sports track), Special Projects Coordinator for the National Ramah Commission Shana Zionts (to work with our camp programming track), and other terrifically talented individuals!

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