Update on our Pinat Teva: Pizza Oven and Ducks!

Last kayitz we had the debut of our Hava (farm) as a new programmatic initiative for the kayitz. Our chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff) alike enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about animal care with Rabbi Josh Ackerman through our limud (learning) program and spend time with the animals during their bechirot (choices) perek. In response to this great success, we have decided to expand our outdoor education program at Ramah!

This kayitz, we are growing our Hava into a Pinat Teva, or nature corner. As I covered in a blog post back in March, this new nature corner will include an outdoor cooking area outfitted with fire pits and a pizza oven, a brand-new 55’ x 25’ garden with vegetables, herbs and flowers (see image above), and an expanded array of animals. We are excited to announce that this kayitz we will be adding ducks to Pinat Teva!

Chanichim will have the opportunity to sign up for the Pinat Teva and Outdoor Cooking chugim (activities) as part of their daily chugim offerings.

Also, this kayitz we will continue to grow our recycling program at Camp Ramah. In accordance with our continued commitment to environmental stewardship, we will strive to teach and inspire responsibility for our environment and greater connection to the natural world. Throughout camp there will be increased recycling receptacles, signage (see below), and programming to better educate and commit our community to reducing our waste, recycling our goods, and reusing many of our products.