Update: Yom Sport!

Yom Sport (Color War) is here! What better portent of a great Yom Sport than the gorgeous rainbow (above) that emerged just as Yom Sport began last evening…

Logistics: Nivonim planned and is executing this massive, camp-wide event.  Adom (Red), Kachol (Blue), Lavan (White) and Yarok (Green) are the team colors.  Every chanich (camper) is on a team, and is wearing clothing (tutus, beads, hats, gloves, face paint, boas, etc.) only in that color.  All t’filot, aruchot (meals), sports, and activities for 28 hours are according to team.  There are 3 Chief Justices from adat-haNivonim (photo, below, black shirts, RJ — Rosh Judge).  There are 16 additional Judges (black shirt, J) plus multiple team captains (photo, below) for each team, all staffed by chanichim from Nivonim.

One opportunity to win points was presented last evening at aruchat erev (dinner), where points were given for following the rules as follows:

Rules for Etiquette Dinner, Yom Sport 2017

  1. No Elbows on the table
  2. Pinkies up in the air when drinking
  3. Napkin in either the shirt or in your lap
  4. Mouth closed when chewing
  5. No talking while eating
  6. NO yelling (Except Cheers)
  7. No spills
  8. No arguing
  9. No slurping
  10. Always use Please and Thank you ESPECIALLY towards Cooking  Crew
  11. Always use silverware
  12. If a captain from your team walks up to your table, everyone must stand and say “Oh Captain, my Captain”
  13. If a judge walks up to your table, everyone must stand and say “B’kavod HaShofet”

Another opportunity for winning points took place this morning at aruchat boker (breakfast), when Shimon Omer (simon says) commanded: use only forks! use all silverware! pour a full glass of water! sit! stand! clean your tables! Colorful banners were made, to display team spirit.

Chants and songs were created to enhance team spirit.  Overall, everyone chanted “Kol Hakavod” for everyone, no matter what team.  The important message Nivonim is conveying to everyone: this is an all-inclusive, all for the sake of fun competition.  One Yarok (green) team cheer is set to the tune of Yah Ribon, a Shabbat song, with the words “Yarok Hachi Tova, BeMachaneh Ramah” repeated over…and over…and over. Another chant is “Yesh Lanu Ruach, Yesh Lanu Koach!” chanted over…and over…and over…

Mazes were navigated and hula hoops were twirled: