Vered and Barak Laness: Bruchim HaBaim (Welcome)!

Barak and Vered Laness are serving on our Tzevet Limud (Education staff) for the first time this kayitz (summer). Barak (photo, above) is working in our Pinat Teva (nature corner), primarily with the garden and animals, and Vered (photo, below) in the Pinat Teva and Outdoor Cooking.

They have quite versatile skills, and are very experienced educators at home in the Golan Heights.  Barak teaches at the Katzrin Agricultural School, and Vered is an Educational Researcher with the Golan Research Institute, specializing in Educational Innovation.  They met when they were shlichim (emissaries) at Ramah Wisconsin.  Vered worked at Wisconsin for 5 years as the Rosh Mishlachat (head of the Israeli delegation).  See their Wisconsin bio here:

Bruchim Habaim lePalmer!