Voc Ed – A Perfect Balance of Work and Play

Written by our Voc-Ed Advisors:

Members of Tochnit Avoda (Voc Ed) – a part of the Tikvah Program – have the best of both worlds at camp.  We work hard every morning, learning job skills and contributing to the camp community.  Voc Ed runs a Maafiya (Bakery) to help celebrate special moments, a Machsan (warehouse) where counselors can get programming supplies, a Makolet (canteen) for camper snacks, and we also have a Grounds and Chadar Ochel Crew who sets tables and keeps camps’ plants watered, fed and beautiful.

In the afternoons we swim, play, create art and enjoy being together.  Days off will find us on trips to all kinds of places, from baseball games to zoos to art museums.  Voc Ed is a great place to be!


Continuing its ongoing support of Ramah’s vocational programs, the Ruderman Family Foundation has granted $150,000 over three years for vocational education at Ramah California, Canada, New England and Wisconsin, and to encourage vocational education inclusion programs at other Ramah camps.