Voc Ed Alumnus: Sam Busis

Pictured here are Tzevet (staff) member Yvonne White together with Sam Busis, a long-time member of our kehillah (community).  Sam spent 18 (Chai!) summers here at our machaneh (camp), as a chanich (camper), a member of our Voc Ed program, and eventually on Tzevet.   Sam most recently worked on Tzevet Gan (daycare staff) and was beloved by the young children as well as his Gan colleagues.  He now works year-round in his hometown, and came back to visit.  Chanichim and Tzevet alike miss seeing Sam around our machaneh on a daily basis, and were very happy to see him this past Shabbat when he visited.  Baruch Haba Sam, and visit again soon!


Categories: Alumni, Tikvah, Voc-Ed