Voc Ed: Road Trip! Old Sturbridge Village

An amazing time was had yesterday by the 15 Voc Ed participants and Tzevet (staff) who went on a great trip to Old Sturbridge Village (OSV)!  OSV is an outdoor living history museum depicting life in an early 19th-century rural New England village, featuring costumed historians, artisans and farmers; historic homes, trade shops and water-powered mills; a working farm with heritage breed animals; and permanent and rotating exhibits.  Our group saw many animals, for instance: sheeps, oxen, horses, roosters, chickens, and goats.

Another exhibit was a room where there were women in historically accurate costumes, spinning yarn from the sheep.  It was a real step back in time, in a good and educational way.  The weather was perfect — warm but not too hot, with beautiful clear skies and sun!

For Uriel, the highlight was when they shot the musket, even though it was really loud!

Debbie said it was cool to go to this place — it’s so different from what we’re used to because we step back in time.  There were many actors in outfits that we don’t see anywhere else now.  It was also fun to see a large group of  children in costume, as part of a camp for kids.  We went on a ride in a carriage pulled by two very big strong, cute horses.  The tour guide gave us lots of information about everything we saw while we were on the ride.  The horses — and the tour guide — did a great job! The driver who was also the tourguide was very nice, because he frequently stopped to see if you wanted to get off or on.

To top it all off, our Voc Ed workers made and packed a delicious.  What a great day!

For more information about OSV, see here:


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