Community and A Cappella!


Warm fuzzies and tingling are the bonuses that make my job the “best on the planet”.  Sometimes I know the moment is coming – singing at seudat shelishi (Saturday night dinner), Friday night services and havdalah, at a play, during a victory at our Yom Berkshires intecamp, and so on.  Then, sometimes, they will spring up and surprise me.  Last night was one of those times. 

We are in the midst of Kishroniya (a specialty camp within a camp for tzad bet with some cameos on tzad aleph).  Last night, the A cappella Kishroniya group performed at the end of dinner.  Spontaneously, the kids gathered around and listened with such respect and support – and then thunderous applause.  It was a great community moment.  I left the chadar ochel (dining hall) feeling all warm and fuzzy with the knowledge that we created a warm and loving Jewish community that empowers kids with confidence to sing.

These pictures are Blackberry quality and don’t give the moment justice but I wanted to convey the feel of community…   


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