Wear Your Ramah T-Shirt Day!


Yesterday (Thursday, November 12th) was the third annual National Wear Your Ramah T-Shirt Day!


Ramahniks around the country proudly wore their Ramah t-shirts to school and work today!

Here's Paula, Emma, & Rachel Feynman:


Here's Elisheva, Abigail, and Hannah Blas:


Rachel Silverman and Evan Goldstein:


Rutie Mackenzie-Margulies:


Vered Ornstein:


Of course, all of us here at the Ramah office wore our Ramah t-shirts to work today:

RamahTshirts 003

 Randy Bergel was missing from that photo, because she was preparing for her daughter Tori's Bat Mitzvah which is tomorrow.  But that didn't stop the Bergel family from proudly displaying their Ramah t-shirts!  Here's Randy, Tori, and Riva:


Marcus Apter wrote in to tell us that he couldn't wear his Ramah t-shirt yesterday, but that he did wear it in Aruba in August!


Last week, when we asked Ramahniks to e-mail us photographs of themselves wearing their Ramah t-shirts, we announced that we'd be giving a Ramah New England fleece blanket to whoever sent us the best picture.  Not surprisingly, many of last year's hanhallah (senior staff) did their very best to win the contest.  Jason Fruithandler, our Director of Staff Life, thought that including the Talmud in his photo might sway us.  Nice try, Jason:


Sarit Horwitz, last year's Rosh Shoafim, sent this entry:


Nice effort, Sarit, but I'm afraid our winner is:


Congratulations to Rachel Ader!  Not only did we think her photo was very cute, but she had the distinction of being the FIRST person to e-mail me a photo yesterday morning.  In this case, the early bird got the worm!  Rachel, your fleece blanket will be on its way to you soon…

If any other Ramahniks out there have photos, send 'em my way!  I'd love to post a follow-up with additional photos…