Wednesday Morning

Boker Tov!  Second session is off to a damp beginning.  It rained pretty steadily last night.  Right now, it is very cloudy and more rain is expected.  We prefer sun, but our high spirits will continue rain or shine.  This is the first real program day of the session.  Yesterday, the kids signed up for all their activities and begin in earnest today. 

I attended Magshimim tefilot this morning (entering 8th grade).  They were fantastic.  The energy was great, there were some fun tunes that the kids enjoyed, and there was some nice davening as well.  The kids are really nice.

Tonight, we expect our Nivonim campers to return from a visit to NY.  Today they are going to JTS and Columbia and then headed to one of our camper family’s homes for a bbq and pool party before heading back.

Pray for some sunshine!

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