Bogrim Week 6 – Kishroniyah and more!


July 30: a high society, action packed day in Bogrim.

The action began with the first day of kishroniyah. The campers dispersed into their various amazing activities with the experts. They perfected their frisbee backhands, became flexible in circus arts, and painted the next beautiful mural. Everyone – campers and staff- are psyched for the next two days of kishroniyah. It was a pleasure to walk around all of camp and see our campers having a blast at their various activities.

At night, Bogrim became members of the Ramah Country Club. Everyone dressed in formal attire, and we perfected our table manners and fancy fun. We then headed to the Bet Am Gadol for the indoor PGA classic. Six golf holes were set up around the room and the campers had to visit each hole and putt in their “golf” balls. We crowned a PGA champ and then staged the final event of the evening: horse racing. Four counselors raced around the room as the campers cheered us on. Only the classiest of evenings for Bogrim 2014. 

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