Weinstein Institute for Counselor Training 2010

 On Monday eight Ramah New England Counselors and
one Senior Staff will be heading to Ramah California for the Weinstein Institute
for Counselor Training with counselors for all the Ramah camps. This year,
Ramah New England will be sending Merav Bayer, Ben Cohen, Solomon Flax, Judy
Gerstenblith, Jana Katz, Ilana Rosenbaum and Adina Rubin Budick. The institute
provides an intensive experience of Jewish studies, group leadership and program
sharing to a limited number of college students with exceptional ability. This four
day program is designed for a select group of freshmen and sophomores returning
to camp as counselors, and typically includes some 60 staff members, chosen by
camp directors for their leadership potential. Check back next week for some
updates, some pictures, and a bit of what we learned.

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