Welcome to Ilanot 2009!

Shalom Parents,
We are having such an exciting first week here at camp! Yeserday, Ilanot campers were able to go through all of their activities
for the first time. We have a lot of exciting options- adventure
course, cooking, boating, nature, dancing, woodworking, photography and
many more! Our day was busy, and everyone had a lot of fun!

Last night, each bunk raced around camp as part of our photo scavenger hunt, learning about the different places in camp and taking lots of fun pictures along the way! This morning, as part of Tefillot (our morning service) we created a table cover that we will use when we read Torah this coming Shabbat. Each camper was able to put their hand print on the cover, as we discussed how to make our Moadon ( our group meeting place) special. We look forward to using it in a couple days!

Your children are energetic, enthusiastic and excited for a fabulous summer! We have really enjoyed getting to know your kids so far and  we look forward to a fun filled session together!

Shira Rosenbaum, Rosh Ilanot
Abby Kerbel, S'gan Rosh Ilanot

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