Welcome to Magshimim!


Shalom from Magshimim! We are off to a great start this summer! We are so excited to welcome Magshimim to Tzad Bet (B-side) of camp, and have already learned a chant and our edah song. Yesterday each of our tzrifim (bunks) ran a fun peulat tzrif (bunk activity) for everyone to get to know each other. One in particular, tzrif 48, decorated pieces of poster board and then put them together to create the numbers 48! Tonight we had a fun peulat erev (evening activity) where the chanichim (campers) dressed up as different famous people from history or pop culture using various objects and clothing items from their tzrifim (bunks). They had to creatively dress up and then talk about what their famous person “stands for.” The peulat erev, titled “Take a Stand,” was aimed to touch upon our summer theme of “Amidah,” which is meant to look into both the tefillah (prayer) and the concept of taking a stand. Tomorrow our chanichim will be auditioning for our play, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which is in a week and a half! Stay tuned for more Magshimim updates soon!

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