Welcome to Nivonim 2013


It has been a whirlwinds couple of days here in Nivonim 2013! The chanichim (campers) are getting quickly acclimated to life in k’far Nivonim, and are continuing to learn what it truly means to be a leader here at Machaneh Ramah. On Tuesday, in order to learn more about the k’far and become acquainted with every little detail, the chanichim tried to create an entire k’far out of their own bodies, complete with the details they had just observed. Pictured below is Nivonim’s k’far with the actual k’far in the background.


Matt and Maddie, who were part of the group that displayed our moadon (edah meeting place) pretended to be a Torah and an Aron Kodseh!


A few other chanichim acted out one of the binyanim (buildings) – do you see the resemblance?

Later, the Nevonimers chose how they would spell their edah name (i vs. e is always a heaied debate here at camp), and chose their edah song. See a video of them practicing the song below, just minutes before it debuted in the chadar ochel (dining hall). Check out the video on facebook to see what they chose!

 Check back often for more exciting updates from Niv ’13!

David Offit, Rosh Nivonim

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