Welcome to Nivonim 2014!


Nivonim 2014 is officially underway! On Tuesday, the tzevet (staff) happily greeted our 64 new Nivonimers to K’far Nivonim – our home for the summer. Over the past few days, the Nivonimers have been settling into life in the k’far (and easily getting accustomed to their new, upgraded living quarters), going to their chugim for the first time, and learning more about how they will distinguish themselves as leaders this summer. I can already tell how much this edah has the potential to make a lasting impact on camp, with the hard work of madrichim (counselors) and Nivonimers alike.

Although our responsibilities as leaders is serious and sacred, we started off Tuesday night with some silly fun, playing a game of “Figure It Out” (modeled after the Nickelodeon game show) to get to know the madrichim. Chanichim (campers) took turns trying to guess facts about the madrichim based on clues that they were given. If they got the clues correct, they proudly walked to the front of the room and covered their madrichim with some of our homemade slime. In the picture below, Jonah was the lucky camper who got to “slime” Ezra! 

Nivonim is all about edah unity, and this was displayed publicly to the whole camp on Tuesday night when the whole edah walked into the chadar ochel (dining hall)  wearing their own neon green edah vests! See a picture below that we took right after dinner:

Overall, Nivonim 2014 is off to a FANTASTIC start. Stay tuned for updates throughout the summer here on the blog, as well as on our facebook page.

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