Welcome to Shoafim!

Shoafim Parents!

While your
children have only been in camp for one day, it seems like they’ve already been
here for weeks. I’d love to tell you just a little bit about all of the
wonderful things we’ve done.

morning we started what will be an incredible project for the whole summer. In
groups, campers will be coming up with study sheets for the entire book of
Breishit (Genesis), and each group is focusing on one Torah portion. A Family
Parsha Study book will be bound and sent home with each camper. Today we just
began by reading through the portions and coming up with a summary, and I’m
really looking forward to the project continuing throughout the summer.

Today the
campers went through all of their activities for the first time. There are some
incredible options- ropes course, climbing wall, archery, arts and crafts,
woodworking, boating, dance, photography, singing, drama, and more! Today was a
long and busy day but I think the campers had a great day.

our peulat erev (evening activity) was a great success. By bunk, campers were
asked to make an advertisement about camp. However, their advertisement had to
focus on one specific area of camp (the swing-set, the bathrooms, gazebo, etc).
The presentations were quite interesting and very entertaining!

your children are enthusiastic, excited, energetic, and looking forward to a
fantastic summer. I’ve enjoyed my long day with them so far, and can’t wait for
a summer full of fun activities!



Horwitz, Rosh Shoafim

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