What a week we've had so far – and it isn't even Yom Meyuchad yet! It all started on Sunday night, when our Nivonim CIT's came to A-side and ran a special peulat erev k'tzrif (a night activity by bunk). They began by leading the chanichim on a trust walk, which ended with all of A-side standing a big circle. Then the CIT's surprised us by breaking out Yom Sport!  Monday morning began one of the most exciting days of camp.  After being woken up by the shouts and whistles of the Nivonimers, everyone decked themselves out in their assigned team colors of either red, white, green or blue.  Campers spent the entire day competing in sports, games and other activities, as well as cheering-on their teammates.  After the songs, dances and poster presentations of the closing ceremonies, we all waited expectantly for the winning team to be announced.  In the end team lavan (white) won, but everyone had an incredible day.

Tonight was the camp-wide "Ramah's got Talent" talent show competition.  After our Sunday edah-wide talent show, in which we saw how creative and skilled our campers all are, we decided to send Hannah Weissman from bunk 17/18 to represent Solelim at the camp-wide event.  Hannah played the piano beautifully, using a song that she composed with her father, and was judged to be one of the top three performances in the show!  Complimentary to her performance, of course, was the huge show of ruach and support from her fellow solelimers.

Stay tuned to hear about the exciting Yom Meyuchad planned for tomorrow!  It should be out of this world!

-Meira and Noah

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