What color are your beads?


      For Peulat Tzrif (bunk activity) this past Friday afternoon all of the tzrifim each gathered on their respective merpasot (porches) to bead some bracelets. Each color of each bead represented some different attribute that the camper wanted to emulate or thinks is important in a tzrif and as a community. Some of the colors stood for friendship, positive attitude, and achdut (unity). After they beaded some funky looking bracelets, each one looking a little bit differnt, they played a card game of Go-Fish in Hebrew! It was a fun afternoon for all!

     Our first Shabbat also went really nicely, a lot of the kids played a huge game of SPUD with one of our Senior Counselors – Ben Mills – and also had lots of different options for sports, reading time, board games, etc. 

       Tonight we had our peulat erev (night activity) with the Amitzim campers, who have special needs, and it was fun to watch everyone interact and play together – I think everyone was inspired!


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