What’s New In Tikvah? Mini-Amitzim!

Exciting news! Kayitz (summer) 2018 marks the 48th summer of the Tikvah program at Camp Ramah in New England! Tikvah is considered the oldest Jewish summer camp programs in the country for children and young adults with disabilities. While it remains a model that other institutions seek to emulate, it is ever evolving, and responsive to the changing times in order to facilitate our participants’ growth and meet our community’s needs.

The Tikvah program consists of Inclusion, Amitzim, and Tochnit Avodah, our Vocational Education Program, and beyond. Last summer, we introduced Voc Ed Ma’avar, a transition program that bridges our recreational and vocational programs, and we piloted a new program for younger Amitzim campers. They were a huge success!

This summer, we are excited to announce and officially open registration for our new Mini-Amitzim program!  Mini-Amitzim is an incredible 2-week “Taste of Ramah” for children ages 10-12 with learning, social, and developmental differences. Campers in this program require a higher level of support than that offered in typical bunks.  They are accompanied to activities by their Amitzim staff and enjoy swimming, arts and crafts, sports, electives, Jewish education, Israeli culture, Shabbat with friends, and more! This year, the program will run from July 25-August 5, 2018.

For more information about Mini-Amitzim or any of our Tikvah Programs, please contact Dr. Bonnie Schwartz at bonnies@campramahne.org or call (781)400-0204.

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