What’s Your Cause?


Last summer, as part of their Take Home Project, Machon campers created Tzedakah Boxes related to social justice and tzedakah causes, which they personally felt were important to support.  In honor of Jewish Service Week we will be highlighting some the causes that they cared about.

Today's cause come from Ari Salzberg, who expressed the importance of supporting Head Start a program which provides under-privlidged children with early childhood care and education.  Listen to Ari talk about why he supports the cause:



Listen to last summer's Machon counselors Sarah Coleman and Deborah Sherman talk about Machon's Take Home Project. 



If you have a cause, which you would like us to highlight, please send an email to beng@campramahne.org, with a short explanation of the cause and why you beleive its important to support. 


Machon Tzedakah Boxes-003

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