Rosh Nivonim Jen Stern Looks Back on Kayitz 2010!


While the summer is behind us, we hope that the wonderful memories of the summer are still with all of the chanichim (campers). We have so many great memories from the summer, from the Nivonim Prom, to Yom Sport, etgar and our trip to Albany & Cooperstown. And who can forget the Nivonim Prodcution of Glee!  Even just our regular days in the K’far were great. We hope that all of the campers are using their brachot key chains and are being reminded of all of the wonderful memories that were created over the course of the summer.


Jen Stern

Rosh Nivonim 2010

P.S.  Here is a photograph of the edah… just one memory of the summer… when the edah dressed up for K’fanquet (Nivonim Banquet):

Edah photo nivX  

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