Winer and Daber at Ramah Darom


In the last week of May, there was a
lot going on in the Jewish camping world, particularly with Ramah. While the Foundation
for Jewish Camp was hosting the Cornerstone fellowship, the National Ramah
Commission had Winer- Rashei Edah training and Daber. Daber is a
new program, funded through The AVI CHAI foundation, to support the
comprehensive strengthening of Hebrew language education at the Ramah camps.
The initiative includes intensive staff training, curriculum development, and
special programs to be implemented at the Ramah camps to encourage Hebrew usage.
Rami Schwartzer, Rosh Shoafim and a Daber participant wrote about his
experience last week at Ramah Darom:


Last week's programs at Camp Ramah Darom
really got me into the spirit of camp.  At the Winer conference, I got t
Daber.Weiner CRNEeak with other rashei edah from the other 10 Ramah camps, specifically
for me those who will also be working with Shoafim-equivalents in their
respective camps.  This gave me a wonderful opportunity to share ideas in
order to put together the best summer possible, in all aspects, for Shoafim
2010 (and likewise for the other roshim in attendance). 


At the same time, the
new Daber Fellowship, sponsored by the AVI CHAI Foundation, had the
Fellows, as well as the rashei edah present, beginning to shift gears into the
language of camp in many respects.  Between working through the brand new
informal Hebrew curriculum written specifically for Ramah camps, and even
simply the fact that the conference was conducted in Hebrew, we all dug down
into our memories to pull up that Hebrew file and dust it off in time for camp.
 I think I speak for all of the 2010 Daber Fellows for Camp Ramah
in New England in saying that we are very excited for the new plan to infuse
Hebrew more into our day-to-day program at Ramah, in a fun, engaging, and
non-threatening way.  This, after all, is the gem that sets Ramah apart
from all other summer camp experiences, and we are thrilled to be making this a
focus of kayitz 2010.
Daber.Weinstein CRNE 

I have not even moved
into our Palmer home yet and kayitz 2010 is already off to a
spectacular hatchalah (beginning).  Can't wait to see you all
there in only 21 days!!


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