Work and Play in Amitzim

Amitzim has had a wonderful past few days. After a restful and fun Shabbat spent singing, hanging out with friends, and learning, we entered the new week refreshed and excited. Over the past few days we have planted lima beans, had a Purim party, and begun practicing for the Amitzim play (happening next week!) as well as Shabbat Tikvah this week. We certainly are staying busy! 

We have also begun spending time with our Bogrim Buddies, who come to see us and help us during Sport. Machon Helpers and CITS will be also be starting in the near future. We have also been working hard at Avodah (our jobs period) where we have been busy making snack for the rest of the edah, gardening, setting tables, sorting and organizing books, and other important jobs around camp.  

We have a very exciting week ahead of us with Yom Decades tomorrow (learning about things that happened in the '60s, '70s, and '80s including Civil Rights, the opening of Disneyworld, and Israeli music throughout the years) and our Shabbat this week. Amitzim loves camp!

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