Writing the Story of Shoafim

Last night, Shoafim gathered in the Bet Am Aleph to devise the story of the original Shoafim.  Chanichim (campers) were divided into groups and given objects that “belonged to the original Shoafim”. They were asked to come up with the story behind these different objects.  The objects included a piece of wood, a rock, a t-shirt, toilet paper, sticks and a dust bin.

The chanichim came up with some extremely creative and silly stories about the origin of their edah. One group explained that Shoafim was originally a group who played baseball using a rock. They had multiple ways of keeping the rock clean, including using a plastic ball for a sponge, washing it with chocolate milk and scrubbing it with a toothbrush.  Another group explained that Shoafim was a boy who lived a long time ago and used the dustbin for a hairbrush. A third group told a magical tale of a Solelim chanich who didn’t have another edah to go to once she aged out of Solelim. She found a sorcerer and gave her duct tape to create Edat HaShoafim.

The chanichim had a blast thinking about how their edah was founded and thinking about how important they are to telling the story of the Edah’s next chapter: Kayitz 2017.

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